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Welcome to The Roasting Room

A Coffee Community Built on Approachability and Accountability

At Wycoco, we commit to prioritizing a few key things: Excellent roasts, ethical sourcing, and a positive, approachable attitude. We strive to source our beans from organic, fair trade coffee farms/importers. We also work closely with Cafe Feminino - a coffee cooperative that empowers female coffee farmers throughout the world by providing legal support and livable wages to the farmers and their employees. We embrace customers of all coffee backgrounds, knowledge and tastes. Our ultimate goal is to serve an approachable and enjoyable cup for everyone that walks in our door. 


Coffee Subscription: What is it?

Through our coffee subscription, you will receive a 12oz bag of coffee delivered straight to your door every month. Choose your favorite coffee, or venture out into something new, and leave behind the worry of making time to stop in the shop for your daily pick-me-up.

Coffee Grabs

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